Where can I get nutritional information for Mamba products?

Nutritional information is listed on most of our product packaging. You can also find complete product descriptions and nutritional information here on our website.

Why did I get two of the same flavor in my Mamba Stick Pack or Mamba Peg Bag? Why didn't I get one of each flavor or a flavor I wanted?

The flavors in our Mamba Stick Packs or Peg Bags are randomly chosen from all of our delicious flavors. That means sometimes you'll get one of each, but sometimes you'll get double of one flavor. Each Stick Pack or Peg Bag can be unique!

Are Mamba Fruit Chews free from nuts?

Even though Mamba doesn't contain nuts, there is a risk of cross-contamination in our factory, so we unfortunately can't guarantee that they are absolutely nut-free.

Why did you change the product formula of Mamba?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Mamba creation to offer our fans who love its chewy, fruity taste. We review the recipes of our products on a regular basis and adjust them if required or even if we think that an adjustment leads to an overall improvement of the product. Moving Mamba to a new manufacturing facility allows us to test and develop new shapes of fruit chews to provide more exciting ways for consumers to enjoy Mamba. We’re excited about our new products - Mamba Fruit Twists and Mamba Sour Twists – and we think our consumers will love them too.

What’s different about the new Mamba product recipe?

The new recipe includes gelatin for an improved chewing intensity and eating experience.

Do Mamba products contain gelatin?

As of December 2019, Mamba stick packs do contain the ingredient gelatin. Additionally, the new products included in the Mamba Fruit Twists and Mamba Sour Twists bags also contain gelatin.

How will consumers know which Mamba products have the new recipe and which ones have the old one?

We encourage all consumers to read the product labels. Mamba stick packs along with Mamba Fruit and Sour Twist Wraps packed in bags now feature the new Mamba-licious recipe.

Does Mamba contain any GMOs?

Absolutely none! We do not use ANY genetically-modified ingredients in any of our products.

Is Mamba Kosher?

Mamba is not certified kosher.

Can I get free samples or coupons?

We don't send out free samples or coupons for Mamba Fruit Chews, sorry! But we sometimes have fun events in cities during the summer, and we run contests and other fun events on our social media pages, so be on the lookout for offers and events near you!